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Plug and Play Authentication for Delightful Customer Journey

Our Passwordless authentication empowers a seamless onboarding and improved conversion

We bring everything that’s required to build Auth

 Eliminate the need to create, manage, remember or reset passwords. No password means a 30% more conversion.

Passwordless Login and Custom Branding

Easy to configure authentication for any web or mobile app. Customize login forms, themes, and email to bring your users closer to your brand

Super Fast Development

Integrate with any app in less than 15 minutes with a few lines of code and save weeks of development effort. Moreover, zero maintenance cost.

Secure and Seamless Authentication


Make users login smooth and secure with emailed magic links.


Let users log in using a one-time code sent to their mobile phone.


Advanced protection by Fingerprint , Face Recognition and Pin using WebAuthn.
Coming Soon

For Developers by Developers

Our powerful APIs and SDKs support multiple programming languages. Build your production ready authentication in minutes for any web or mobile app.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes

Plans to fit your need, with priority support guaranteed.
No credit card required for free trial.

Developer - Free
/ month

Build , Deploy and Test your App Rapidly.

Unlimited Project
2500  Users
Community Support
Starter - $29/Month
/ month

Build your core features while we take care of Authentication.

$29/Month for every 5K Users
Limited Free SMS
Live Support
Try For Free

Let's design a custom pricing plan based on your needs.

SLA Based Support
Password to Passwordless Migration
Multiple App
Contact Sales
Tailored Plan

What clients say about us

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